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A family owned and operated Santa Fe, NM, company, Adelitas Restaurant catering division has served the area doing weddings, social and corporate events since 1998 with top-level customer service, serving amazing Mexican and New Mexican cuisine. Adelitas offers customized food menus and full bar beverage services to catering customers. It works diligently hand in hand with local event centers, wedding planners, corporate event coordinators and clients to make sure every event is a rousing success

The catering team at Adelita’s Restaurant is devoted to using the very best and freshest ingredients and employing premier food preparation practices. The secret to our success is our staff, who all work each event with the utmost care and are drive to be extremely professional. Our staff works closely with each client on their event menu to make sure it is customized exactly to their liking and complete satisfaction.

catering service, people self serving on a buffet

the bartender makes a cocktail

Arranging catering food

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